What’s the story?

Belantara chillout stageWelcome, welcome! There’s no denying the popularity of psytrance music worldwide. A glance at GoaBase reveals that every weekend thousands of people across the globe enjoy this magical, transcending pounding sound. Gorgeous, I sincerely love it ever since I went to my first party. I checked out dozens of festivals across Europe and Asia. From Belantara in the moist jungles of Malaysia, the dry heat of Hungary at SUN Festival, to Universal Religion in the epic mountain ranges of Nepal.

At all these places you’ll hear ambient/psybient/psychill being played. But always in a background setting, and the shows are on a small, remote stages. The DJ’s also appear to me as cut from a slightly different cloth than most visitors. That made me wonder: what’s their story? How do they look at the scene and the role they and their music play in it? In a series of interviews I want to answer that. Cause I might adore these deep, atmospherical tunes even more than pystrance…

Check out the english version of my interview with the dutch psybient group Easily Embarrassed!
Liever in het Nederlands lezen? Bekijk dan de Nederlandse versie van het interview met Easily Embarrassed!